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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 6, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the line. there is still no budget deal meaning a full on a government shutdown could happen. an emergency meeting at the white house in an effort to avoid the shutdown but it could still happen. >> the president and congressional leaders from both sides took part in the meeting. the president said the issues have been narrowed and clarified but they still exist. if they shut down goes into affect prepare for immediate changes. tax returns and social security checks will be delayed. kerry cavanaugh has more. >> the president stressed how many people of the impact of parts of the government grind to a halt. the last government shut down have been 15 years ago and lasted 15 weeks. political analysts say it would derail the irs right around the tax deadline and the shutter
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tourist attractions during the peak season. federal werke is rally to rail against the possibility of a government shutdown. >> there will be less support for our troops. social security will be hit. these are all important programs. these are the infrastructure of america. >> economists estimate one- quarter of the federal employees would be deemed nonessential and furlougheded. >> i am already the working poor. do i end up on the street? will you pay me unemployment? why can you not let me keep my job and pay me? >> the amount of people who have filed for disability has gone up 600,000. our people are working to get them their benefits. when employees are worried about it and off work a week, that
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adds to the backlog. >> he explains the federal housing and loan applications would be put on hold along with your tax return check. this does not bode well for a fragile economy. >> anybody who gets paid by the federal government, their pay will be interrupted. the state will lose taxes. >> federal services would not be interrupted by the national tourist attractions would close during the height of spring break traffic potentially disappointing voters. >> the longer this goes on the more angry people will be with the republican party. >> they believe republicans. the brunt of the blame because they are holding out for bigger spending cuts. we are still 48 hours away from the deadline for the budget
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compromise to be released. the president said negotiations are continuing right now. >> you can stay on top of the looming shut down by falling 11 noose on the air that president obama began the day by reading a letter from lamar -- the letter from gaddafi. he also says the ongoing nato military campaign is hurting libya more morally than physically. gaddafi says he bears no ill will towards obama remaining you will always remain our son. this comes as a former congressman i arrived in tripoli today on a private mission. the pennsylvania republican says
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he was invited to the war-torn country by gaddafi. he says his mission is to try to urge him to step down. >> a human rights group amnesty international is making allegations against countries dealing with anti-government uprisings. the battle for ivory coast appears to be in its final stages. opposition forces attacked a bunker where the president is hiding. he refused to leave office. in yemen, another huge demonstration today calling for the president to step down. more than 120 people have been killed in yemen. travesties work detailed. >> there were many instances this report shows where there is a delivered in -- delivered of targeting of civilians.
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>> u.s. defense secretary robert gates was in saudi arabia for talks with the king. >> a local man is embarrassed and you will understand why. it has to do with an accidental paint job. the city denied his claim to pay for the damage. >> my car was parked here. >> michael partis saab suv and went to work. when he came back he had a new paint job. it was splattered with silver paint used to cover graffiti in the city. a city worker slipped on ice and spilled it. >> this city worker left a card saying he was sorry and they would take care of this. the card belonged to the workers
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supervisor. he offered another apology and an e-mail. he says he filed a claim and got estimates to have the car fixed. one estimate told him it would cost $12,000 to make repairs. one month went by and he got this letter from the city. it said our denial is based upon the fact our investigation did not reveal any negligence attributable to the city that was the cause of this incident. >> it is a pretty simple thing. a city employee made a mistake and admitted to it. >> he contacted the i-team and the city solicitor asking him to reconsider. >> he was unhappy with the decision and he has a right to appeal that. >> he did some investigating of
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his own asking why workers were painting on an icy day to begin with. >> our group was negligent in choosing to do their work on an icy day, walking across the street with an open can of paint. >> after taking a second look, the city is responsible. >> this decision to deny the claim was incorrect. we are in touch with a client to -- it is primarily interacting. >> i am lisa robinson. we learned a car is in the shop and the estimate is reasonable. jury selection began in the trial of a man accused of killing a police detective.
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cames reportedly became so enraged over the -- he threw a piece of concrete at the detective. now to a weird traffic stop with local ties. police pulled over one man from owens mills. he doused himself and the car with lighter fluid and ignited him. they found 30 pounds of marijuana inside of a suitcase. he remains behind bars tonight. the labor dispute in the nfl has become mussy tv. >> players are already locked out and have all certified their union in an effort to get their
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football to resume. the fight has entered a court room tonight. >> nfl players took this to court hoping a federal judge would grant them an injunction, but nfl players and owners witnessed judicial restraints. the judge told the two sides she will take a couple weeks to decide on the request. she urged both sides to get back to the negotiating table saying the law provides a slower solution then negotiating. the head of the players' union continues to sound focus on winning in court. it could postpone the return of nfl football indefinitely. >> [inaudible] to allow our players to get back to work.
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we will continue to do that. we hope all of our fans will -- keep rooting for the players. >> regardless of how the judge decides an appeal will follow further. neither side has approached the other about resuming negotiations. >> still ahead, an update on they recruitment of candidates. >> a lawsuit has filed against the city. we will have details on that. >> it is a big jump but a strong system. >> the latest on the search for a school superintendent's replacement. >> those stories and tragedy strikes a college campus. >> rain and snow to our north. that front will move through our region.
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our 7 day forecast is relatively mild.
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baltimore faces a $38 million lawsuit. the family of one person is suing over a deadly crash caused by a city police officer. the cruiser rammed into the man as he was riding his motorcycle on the beltway last july. >> this death was not caused by any reckless conduct. it was caused by the reckless conduct of the officer. >> he was my youngest son and
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was a great guy. he had so much promise. so much everything for him going. >> the officer failed to follow orders when told to stop his pursuit. last week we brought you the story of how a fire department stopped using a hiring process that would bring in more diversity. >> they will work with the naacp to increase minority recruitment. david collins covered this issue and has the latest on this story. >> i am pleased to announce we have created a new partnership between the fire department and naacp to strengthen our recruitment efforts. >> this partnership will create a citizens task force to reverse a decline in minority recruits. the announcement comes less than a week after the i-team
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discovered evidence that the fire department is seeking minority recruits. the fire a carter me -- fire academy class i graduated last month is almost all white. the next academy class has no female cadets. >> we know that baltimore is a very diverse city. if we focus on those residents that our efforts will recruit -- >> city fire told us the last recruitment efforts were more than two years ago. they visited 20 places. we attempted to contact them all. half could show documentation to support the claim. a spokesman said they did city recruiting events but the record keeping has not been managed as they should have. what was provided to us does not
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reflect the efforts. the department created a recruitment committee since then which will include a member of the naacp. >> the naacp will work with a diverse cross-section of local institutions and community associations to promote the recruitment effort. our goal is to increase those numbers. >> the newly formed a team will meet to come up with a new recruitment strategy. >> the school for the new superintendent is about to pick up. nancy grasmick announced last week she will retire in june. governor martin o'malley says the top job would be a step up
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for any serious candidate. >> i have encouraged the school board to look far and wide but look broadly because we need to find the best man or woman we can to do right by our kids. >> the state board of education days to decide how to advertise the job. whether or not it will hire a national firm -- governor o'malley expects to be involved in the hiring process. >> lawmakers have given the state the ability to regulate funding for for-profit colleges. a recent report found four out of five were encouraging fraudulent practices. a bill would prohibit these colleges from using incentives to recruit students. it would create a fund to pay students what they are owed if a college breaches' their contract.
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tragedy tonight touching a college campus in alabama. a domestic dispute has led to a shooting and a community college. a woman was killed there and three others hurt including a four-year-old hit by glass. a suspect is not in custody but officials say the public is in no danger. two people were killed when a navy fighter jet crashed near an air base in california. officials are not releasing any details yet. the jet went down and two people were on board and killed. the sixth day of april, a lot cooler than this day last year. take notes if you are like me
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and keep track. last year you put 90 there for the high temperature. that was a record-setting day in april. the normal high is only 61. nowhere near last year's record- setting summer heat. tree pollen still in the high range but yesterday was over 1800. the mold count in the low range. we have seen a lot of rain and snow. winter weather advisories up for the northwestern section of pennsylvania. winter trying to hang on. that front has been saying to our north leaving us on the dry side of things. 57 at bwi and 36 in scranton. that front will work its way
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down to the pennsylvania tomorrow night, but it is still relatively mild for this time of year. we will see some cloud cover north of town. clear skies to the south. temperatures will start the day in the 40's. that front that has been chartering the rain and snow into southern new york state is starting to move south. a cold front -- it will take a day for it to get down there and east winds tracking along the front will enhance the low. our range chances start to increase but not until friday. it looks like we will be in and out of the clouds tomorrow. increasing and thickening clouds tomorrow night. by midday on friday we start to see some rain here. maybe moderate rain at times.
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that will hang on into the first part of the weekend with clouds and drizzle. all indications are this front will start moving back to the north. sunday should be a different weather pattern. not bad tomorrow. highs in a 60's. on the big, the wins will shift to the northeast. western maryland may catch some of those showers developing. it will still be mild out there. down to the lower eastern shore are partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 60's away from the coast. right on the beach that ocean water is still chilly. the 7 day forecast shows a decent spring day tomorrow but cloudy. 51 with occasional rain on friday.
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baseball has a way of evening things out. the orioles gave up more runs tonight then their first four games combined. the tigers beat them 7-3. to right field. he cannot reach the ball. the tigers had a 2-0 lead. two innings later tied with a runner on. it puts this one over top wall. two run shot. then in the fourth derrick started to bring the birds back. lee with his first home run as an oriole. this one out of the court. but the tigers' lead in half. the bullpen did not fare much better tonight.
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joshed a up a solo home run to cabrera. the tigers go on to win 7-3. >> i don't think it was anything -- i felt like i was rushing myself and pulling off pitches. i think it was very evident where my pitches were tonight. that is kind of the big key for me. >> the tug of war between the nfl and players association continued today. the u.s. district judge -- they would not receive a speedy results in court. the judge recommended in order to return to negotiation table and offered to help mediate those. appeal would add 30-60 more days
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to the litigation process and jeopardize in the start of training camp. the owners say they want to resume mediation. >> they have been doing this for a living on this particular matter. they have 17 days of expertise. they are the people who ought to be putting this forward. i think we can make a lot of progress. >> it all hinges on if. maryland will be losing a star basketball player to the nba draft. he has decided on a college basketball -- jordan williams has not yet hired an agent. this will end his college eligibility. no turning back from that decision. he only played 11 games at duke because of a toe injury. now duke will miss a player who
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we are working -- looking for some warm spring weather. >> we will find a little bit. >> tomorrow not too bad. 64 degrees. then some cold rain moving through friday. it clears up sunday. 85 degrees and it stays warm monday. overall, that 7 day forecast is great. you cannot help but be a 7 day forecast. >> it is what it is. >> that is deep. the tonight show is coming up next. we will see you tomorrow.
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